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How To Be Professional at Work

No matter where you work, it’s crucial that you always carry yourself with professionalism and grace in the workplace – especially considering how it can impact your chances of getting ahead in the company. Even if you work in a small startup with just two other employees. After all, you don’t want a reputation of being the office slacker now, do you? 

How To Talk To People

Whether we’re a die-hard introvert or an extravagant extrovert, there will always be those strange and awkward moments in a conversation where we struggle to know what to say. The feeling of panic can arise as we desperately search for the right words yet this usually causes that mental block of appropriate topics to talk about.

We all fear the awkward silence when we're expected to make small talk with a stranger. Perhaps it's at a business dinner, and you're sitting next to a new colleague. Maybe you're at a wedding, and you meet a friend of a friend of a friend. How do you get past the initial introductions? How about when you're in a high-stakes situation, such as a job interview, where you're expected to outshine the competition? Then there's always the blind date. How can you turn it into the start of something big (assuming you want to)? 

Great communicators are viewed as successful individuals by coworkers and others. They become go-to people in an organization because people equate efficacy with effective communication. 

Great communicators contribute more to their organizations and receive more opportunities for promotion and recognition in their careers. There are other attributes, but ten simple communication skills are shared by nearly all effective communicators.

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