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Being apart from the girl you like can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. So how do you make sure the girl misses you while you're gone? All you have to do is leave her wanting to see more of you, make her enjoy the time you do spend together, and take steps to remind her of how much she likes you even when you're apart. If you make a real effort, then the saying “Out of sight, out of mind,” won't be true for you at all.

When it comes to getting a girl’s attention, a lot depends on the first impression. Guys have always been drawn to girls who look good and have a cheerful aura. But girls aren’t far behind either.

While stunning looks may not be the sole criteria for a girl to like a guy, appearances do play a big part at the beginning.

Every relationship has its conflicts and communication issues, but not all relationship problems are created equal. Research from esteemed psychologist and relationship expert John Gottman reveals at least four characteristics which tend to spell serious trouble for intimate partners. So damaging are their effects that together they’ve earned an ominous nickname: The Four Horsemen. But while the New Testament’s version of The Four Horsemen represent the end of times, these horsemen don’t even necessarily have to lead to the end of a relationship—not when couples learn how to identify these characteristics and replace them with healthier ones.

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