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Sweet Things to Say to your Girlfriend

 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl

Flirting doesn’t come naturally to a large number of people in the world. Though there are a few who can bat their eyelashes or send off a brief but powerful text message without thinking about it, flirting isn’t second nature for most. Many people sit down and think really hard about what the perfect thing to say is. Is this text message too long? Is it weird if I look into her eyes? Am I coming across as genuine when I tell her I like her purse?

Almost nothing about dating is easy, and one of the trickier aspects is the little things. The sweet things. The little compliments or hellos that can make someone’s day. But there really are plenty of little compliments you can send to the person who’s on your mind. Don’t overthink it, and consult this list for a few ideas.

Cute things to say to a girlfriend to make her feel special

So, you’ve seen her a couple of times, you’ve maybe exchanged a few words, but nothing really happened.

When you do start to communicate, text, or talk , be sure to put in a few of these sweet words to tell a girl to make her fall in love with you. She will be impressed and you’ll be one step closer to a beautiful girlfriend.

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1. Would you believe me if I said that I clearly remember the day I met you? You were so stunning, so wonderful, and so gorgeous. I couldn’t look away.

2. I love the sound of your voice. It makes me remember that there are still beautiful things in this world.

3. Since I met you, I am not able to look at any other girl. When you’re around me, I only look at you and when you’re not there, I only think of you. I must be bewitched.

4. I am pretty sure that no man ever knew how to treat you right, but I promise you I will. I will be the one to show you how a woman should actually be loved and cared for because you deserve it. You deserve it all.

5. I must say that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Especially when I know that your soul is the most beautiful part of you.

6. What? Why I am all over you? Well, because you’re you. No one else is you, right? I fell for those wild eyes and that messy hair. I fell for you! And because of that, no one else can even come close to my heart.

7. You are just perfect. You might not see it right now, but you are. You are every bit of amazingly perfect. 

8. I can’t wait for the moment when you realize that I am truly and deeply in love with you. That will also be the moment when you realize that I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Your happiness is and forever will be my priority.

9. As you can see, I am not really a man who knows how to hide these feelings of mine. Or maybe it is just because of you that I am so open about it. You make me feel like who I truly am is enough.

10. Why are you so fragile? I see that you’re always having a tough time with emotional things. I kind of just want to hold you and show you that everything will be alright, but I know that you’re strong. Maybe I just want an excuse to hold you tight?



Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you’re in a relationship

You may be past the point where you’re thinking about things to say to make a girl want you or things to say to make a girl fall in love with you, but you’re right at the phase when you should be looking for sweet words for her, words to make her feel special.

No matter if you have just started your relationship or if you have been together for years, a little sentence here and there to make your girlfriend remember that she is loved, wanted, and needed and that you are always thinking of her is really important.

When she gets those random romantic love messages from you in the middle of the day, believe me, her smile will be more beautiful than usual.

So don’t forget the importance of these messages because they truly do bring a lot of happiness to a girl. And don’t be discouraged because of the length of some of these.

Believe me, while I was talking to my female friends discussing this topic, they all said that they do not mind long and heartfelt conversations.

So don’t hold back! It doesn’t matter how long it will take you to tell her everything you have to. 



These are some really cute things to say to your GF:

11. Some say that thinking of the person you love is overrated. Of course, having someone on your mind is less important than being by their side 24/7, but it’s still important to me. So I think of you and you’re in all my prayers. I always think of you when I pray – just to let the Lord see that you are still my biggest wish.

12. The thought of losing you freaks me out. It’s like thinking about the end of everything. It’s like falling into an abyss without ever having the ability to get out of it. Oh, please never let me fall into those depths. Never leave me. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you the happiest woman alive. There is nothing I can’t do if it means that I will see a smile on your wonderful face.

13. I am so sorry if I have upset you. There is nothing more precious to me than your happiness. It’s just that I got overwhelmed with emotions I simply couldn’t control. It’s not your fault. Everything will be alright. 

14. Everything will be fine as long as you and I are together to show the whole world how people should love each other! We are the best example of perfection out there! 

15. Remember those summer nights when we first started going out? Whenever I look at you today, I can feel that breeze again on my skin, reminding me of the excitement I felt when I first touched you. Even then, I loved you more than you will ever know. 

16. I love the way I didn’t expect any of these things to happen. You. Me. Forever? Life holds so many wonderful surprises for us, doesn’t it?

17. I know that it’s a cliche, but words can’t describe how much I love you. People simply weren’t able to invent words for emotions this strong.

18. The other night I dreamt that I woke up and you weren’t next to me. I freaked. I panicked. That’s when I woke up for real and I saw you sleeping next to me. I never knew what true fear was until that dream. I don’t want to see any mornings without you by my side.

19. I want to wake up next to you for the rest of our lives. With you, nights always have a more beautiful smell and mornings bring a beautiful light through the windows. I don’t remember any mornings before you came into my life that were that beautiful.

20. There will never be anything or anyone as important to me as you are, because you truly are something special, something wonderful that only happens once in life. I don’t want to lose my only chance, so I’m going to do whatever I need just to keep you happy and to make you feel loved.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend in a long-distance relationship

Okay, let’s be honest here. Long-distance relationships can be so sad and stressful at times that you simply need to have an emotional connection you can build up through your words before you two can actually see each other.

To say cute things to your girlfriend while you’re in a long-distance relationship means that she gets the reassurance that you will forever love her and that you two will have a future together because your love is stronger than the miles dividing you.

What you’re probably looking for are sweet things to say to your girlfriend in a text or simply some nice things to say to your girlfriend on the phone and that’s lovely, but we have one more advice to offer.

Consider writing her a letter in which you can include these long paragraphs to make your girlfriend cry with love and excitement of having you in her life.

These are the sweet words to make her fall in love with you all over again:

21. It’s days like these when I miss you the most… when the rain is falling outside and we could be cuddled up inside, watching movies, and kissing until the morning. But what gets me through the day is the thought that I will see you again soon and that you and I will have a bright future together. These miles between us won’t break us up. I promise you!

22. Please, don’t cry! I know that we are now apart from each other, but close your eyes and imagine us together. Let your imagination save you in these moments of sorrow. I promise you that I will do whatever I can to hold you close again soon. We just have to be patient.

23. I’m telling myself that everything will be alright, but my heart yearns for you more than usual. I just want to kiss your lips again and hold you close to my chest. Yes, I want you to listen to my heart that’s only beating for you.

24. Sometimes I wonder: who am I to make you wait this long for me? We have been apart for so long that it seems like an eternity. Someone could comfort you right now. Someone who would be right there next to you. But then I also remember that no one will ever be able to love you as much as I love you. Even if the both of us have to wait for that day to come, when we will know that we will spend the rest of our lives waking up next to each other, at least we will know that we have won!

25. Today, someone told me again that there was no chance that these miles between us won’t tear us apart. I just remembered you and your beautiful smile, your calming voice, and your amazing soul and it was enough for me to just tell them to fuck off. I know what I’m fighting for and I will forever continue to fight for the two of us.

26. To be honest with you, I never believed in soulmates until I met you. Just imagine how long our souls have been yearning to be together, that they have actually found a way to conquer these miles between us and all those people telling us that we should give up.

27. I will give everything I can and everything I have just to one day say that I will never leave you alone again.
28. I’ll be there in a few days! Just wait until you see how much I miss you. I won’t let go of you for the whole time we will spend together.

29. I hope one day you will forgive me for being away from you for this long. But I promise you it will all be worth it once we’re back together, when we buy our own little place and we have our own family. That is when we will know that our love was stronger than any of the obstacles that were laid in front of us.

30. I need you. Please, hold on just a little while longer. I promise you everything will be alright.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

Birthdays are something very special and I think that you’re aware of that as well.

It’s not just super cute to say one of these things to your girlfriend on her birthday, but it’s also very important for your relationship because she will know that you remembered and this is the best way to show her how much you love her.

These are the words to make her love you for being you and being hers:

31. On this day, everything I could ever want was born. Yes, I’m talking about you! Thank you for existing and thank you for choosing me to make all your next birthdays more and more amazing. But for now: Happy Birthday. Thank you for being so incredible!

32. I wish you an amazingly loving birthday. Maybe, there are times I can’t give you everything you have ever dreamed of, but I promise you that I will love you more and more each day.

33. Today is your day, my queen! I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Your wish is my command!

34. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman alive! I am so glad to have you in my life and I’m looking forward to all the years ahead of us.

35. To the best girl ever, the light in all my darkest days, the smile that lights up every room, my angel, my lucky charm, and the only one I will love for the rest of my days: Happy Birthday!

36. Tonight, even the stars in the sky are singing you a happy birthday song with their amazing shimmer. I wanted to join them, but I must say that your beautiful eyes shine brighter than they do. Happy Birthday my darling. May the stars forever be in our favor!

37. I wish that all your greatest dreams come true! Happy Birthday my queen. I want to see you smiling like this for the rest of your life, right here by my side.

38. Happy Birthday, my dear. May you one day realise how much I love you. Maybe on that day humankind will invent words to describe how strong my feelings for you truly are!

39. I want you to have a beautiful birthday! Today, I will do whatever it is you demand of me to do. I really and truly only want your happiness.

40. Happy Birthday! I hope that you will like the gifts I have for you. I know that they’re not as beautiful as you, but nothing really is and nothing will ever be.


Cute things to say your girlfriend after a fight

Arguments and fights are the worst, am I right? You look at the person you love the most, suffering and being angry at you, and your chest is ripping itself apart.

Your heart is breaking, your mind is clouding – in these moments, you will need the right words more than ever!

Communication really is the best way to solve any kind of conflicts you two are having, but throwing in a few cute words won’t do any harm, believe me.

If anything, it will make her remember why she loves you in the first place!

These are the things to say to your girlfriend to make her heart melt and open her mind for forgiveness:

41. I never wanted to make you angry. It wasn’t my intention I promise you! That’s why I am truly sorry for everything. You have to know that I love you and that this is breaking my heart!

42. My heart is breaking slowly because of how angry you are at me. I don’t want to see you act like this when I know how pure your smile looks. So please, smile for me and I promise I will never again do anything to upset you!

43. You can’t push me away! Not now, not ever! I will forever stick around to make you happy and safe. So what if we had one little fight? These little things will never be strong enough to break us apart!

44. I have made you cry tears of joy every day until today. Can you forgive me in the name of all those tears of joy you shed? I will show you that once you smile again, I will never make you this sad again.

45. I will never again be as angry at myself as I am right at this moment, for I have made my queen cry. How will I ever live with myself again? Please, my dear forgive me! I was a fool for believing that I did the right thing. I am truly sorry.

46. I am sorry. I am sorry that this happened and that now we’re both suffering! We’re both suffering for the same reason: for the words I said and the things I did. Know that I am truly sorry! Please, forgive me.

47. Even if silly arguments like these happen, there is no need for you to doubt my love for you! My mouth was faster than my brain and I said some really awful things. I am truly sorry.

48. I won’t stop loving you because of this fight! Actually, I will never stop loving you! This is just a little reminder that other people have it even harder than we do because they let stupid things like silly fights break them up! Well, we are so much better than that! Am I right?

49. Don’t let these small imperfections of mine be the reason you question our whole relationship!

50. I’m sorry for everything I said. I take it all back. The love I have for you is stronger than any anger will ever be. 


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you’re trying to get her back 

I know that restarting a relationship isn’t always a good idea, but if you two have had an awesome time together and neither one of you is happy with the breakup, then maybe use these cute sentences and paragraphs to win her back.

Of course, not every relationship should be given a second chance, but if you truly do believe that you two should be together and that there is no way of telling if you could be happy except to try it again, then give it a try!

These are the sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry and laugh at the same time and inspire her to think about getting back together (well, ex-girlfriend in your case):

51. I messed up, okay? I messed up like never before. But I am ready to change if you are ready to take me back.

52. I don’t think that something as special as our relationship deserves to be easily broken like this; I am willing to give it another go! You are so precious and so dear to me that I simply can’t go back to living my life without you by my side.

53. Don’t ever say that this was supposed to happen! NO! We were supposed to be happy together. This? This right here is a test from God to see if we really do love each other and if we’re ready to fight for this relationship. If you’re ready to take my hand again, let’s go together and pass this test!

54. I am nothing but sorry. I can’t believe I let go of such an angel like you. I will never forgive myself for this mistake. But if you’re willing to give me just one more chance, I promise you I will treat you right and show you what true love is all about.

55. Do you think that you will ever be able to forgive me? Not for me, not for you. But for the relationship we had and for all those people who looked up to us. We are the perfect match because we love each other. Don’t let our love fade away.

56. Don’t do this to me! Don’t leave me like this without telling me why it’s happening! I love you. I love you and I won’t let go of you! I will fight for us, so please think about this once more.

57. Is there anything I can do to change your mind? If there is, I will even bring the stars from the sky to bow before you and beg you with me to come back to the love we had.

58. Look, I’m not big with words, but I promise you that once you give me another chance, I will work on myself to improve our relationship. I will work day and night if needed, just to show you that I truly do love you.

59. I won’t just throw away everything! Remember those laughs and those nights we ended up talking until the sun rose up above the horizon? Yes! I am ready to fight for all of those again, if you just give me a chance.

60. You wanted to marry me. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. What happened? Is it really worth throwing away what we had? Don’t do this. I am truly sorry. Just please don’t leave me.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend on your anniversary

Anniversaries really are something special and girls put a lot of value on them.

We remember every date, every word you said to us, and every special occasion. 

That’s why you can’t forget to tell her something adorable to make her remember those special days when you two first started dating. Because this is a special occasion, use your words wisely!

These are the things to say to a girl to make her feel special on your special night:

61. One year has passed and I have been kissing you for every single one of those 365 days. I look forward to all those days that are yet to come, to continue on kissing you and showing you my love!

62. God must really love me if he chose to put you in my life and show me that I will forever have a reason to be happy – just like this past year we’ve spent together. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming years have in store for us. Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary!

63. Happy Anniversary, my love! I can’t believe another year has passed. Somehow I always feel like we’ve just met because I love you as much as I did back in the days when we were young and so full of energy! 

64. I wish you a Happy Anniversary! Not just this one but all those anniversaries that are yet to come. We will show time that it’s not a limit to our untameable love!

65. I couldn’t imagine that I would be the one celebrating anniversaries with you. But here we are, so Happy Anniversary my darling! You have made me the absolutely happiest man alive.

66. The other day, you told me how much you loved me and I was struck dumb. I didn’t know what to say then. But now I do: the love I feel inside me is burning brighter than a flame and I will love you until the end of time! Happy Anniversary!

67. When everything was falling apart, I could always count on you to pull me back on track. That’s why I know that this won’t be our last anniversary to celebrate! Because we will always be there to catch each other.

68. I chose to spend my life beside you. I would choose you again, not just today, but every upcoming anniversary and every day to come!

69. Don’t forget how much I love you because that would break my heart. I want to remind you of my love on every one of the 365 days in a year, but today is special. Today is when we started our journey and let’s make this, once more, the most beautiful day ever!

70. A year from now, nothing will be the same – just like a year before today when we didn’t think that a love between two people could be this strong. But we made it and are looking at something we created. We are looking at a love that will bloom for all the years that lie ahead! I love you, my darling. Happy Anniversary!

Now that we’ve covered the longer messages, we will cover the shorter ones.

Not that the length of what you have to say matters that much.

What actually matters is what you have to say, so let’s move on to shorter versions of proclaiming your love for her.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Every girl dreams of a perfect Valentine’s day, so why not give it to her if you can.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to win her over, because you have everything already written down.

These are the words to make her fall in love with you all over again:

71. Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous.

72. You’re the one and only Valentine I’ll love always – Thanks for being totally amazing.

73. My day is not complete without thinking of you. You are my one and only love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

74. Wishing the sweetest, happiest day to my forever Valentine.

75. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.

76. My sweet Valentine, I promise to behave like a perfect gentleman this year and make sure to give you all you want on this special day. Today it’s all about us and our love for each other. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

77. Especially today, I hope you feel how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you in my life.

78. If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.

79. When I wake in the morning, my first thought is of you, because when I begin my day with you in my mind, I know that it’ll be perfect.

80. I don’t just love you. I love that I get to have you as my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Over A Text

Sometimes, men don’t exactly know how to express themselves in the moment.

Sometimes, the right words just cannot come up at the right time. If you’re one of those men, then texting her sweet and cute things is definitely your cup of tea.

These are the most adorable and sweet things to say to your girlfriend in a text:

81. How come you look so beautiful every time I see you?

82. Words can’t explain what a wonderful person you are.

83. If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

84. It’s because of you my life feels so perfect.

85. I wish I could wake up right next to you.

86. I fell in love with you for the million things you never knew you were doing.

87. Your beautiful smile turns my day around every time.

88. I love all those things you don’t do: you never try to change me, you never mind my quirky moods, you never laugh when I attempt to be serious, and you never turn away when I need you most. I love you.

89. That look in your eyes when I’ve got to say goodnight makes it super hard for me to walk away from you.

90. If anyone asked me to define love, I’d send them to you, so they could see a real example of what that feeling really is.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend to wish her a good morning

There is nothing better than sending a cute text to her in the morning to make her aware that she is the first thing you think about when you get up.

Send her some of these sweet words for her to read as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning:

91. You are still in the arms of sleep, and I embrace you and wish you a good morning!

92. Morning Sunshine… You look great today. How do I know? Because you look great every day.

93. I can’t wait to see you today!

94. You have found true love when you realize that you want to wake up besides your love every morning, even when you have your differences.

95. You’re the best. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

96. Sometimes, I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device that wakes me up while I am dreaming of you.

97. I’m getting butterflies because I know I’ll see you later.

98. Every morning is a joy because it is another chance to see your lovely smile, your penetrating eyes, and your sweet lips. I cannot wait for this night to pass so I can see you again in the morning.

99. I’m counting down the minutes until I get to see you again.

100. You can’t bring back yesterday. You can’t look into tomorrow. So the only gift you have is today. That is why it’s called the present.


Cute but cheesy things to say to your girlfriend to melt her heart

Some call them cheesy and some call them classics. Whatever you wish to call them, you can’t go wrong using them.

There are two scenarios when using cheesy pickup lines – either she is going to fall for it, or you’re going to make her laugh. Whatever the outcome, it’s a good thing it happened.

So, here they are:

101. You can’t see the sun when it rains, but you know it’s there. I hope we can both be like the sun, who don’t always see each other, but who are always there for each other.

102. If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again.

103. Him: “Do you have a phone?” Her: “Sure. Why?” Him: “I promised my mother I would call her the second I fell in love.

104. An angel once asked why I care for you so much. I told her I care for you so much because… I can’t find a reason not to.

105. If loving you was a job, I’d be the most deserving, dedicated, and qualified candidate. In fact, I’d even be willing to work for free!

106. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well, apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.

107. I admit I’ll never be the perfect one. I’ll never always be there. I may fail to make you smile at times, but there is one thing I could do. I could be the person I am, for you.

108. If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I’d say “Simply Amazing.”

109. What makes some people more special than others? It’s not just the happiness you feel when you meet them, but the anguish you feel when you miss them.

110. Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?


Cute things to say to your girlfriend to let her know how beautiful she is

Every woman wants to hear she is beautiful every now and then. Choose your words and really let her know you sincerely think she’s beautiful. A girl’s got to hear that from time to time.

This is how you do it:

111. I’ve never seen so many features reflect a woman’s beauty quite like yours do.

112. Your beauty blinds me because it comes from your heart and it is reflected in your eyes.

113. Your beauty is all I need as it comes from your heart. I love you.

114. The sparkle in your eyes is like staring into a sea of gemstones.

115. Sometimes it feels like you were carefully constructed by the careful hands of God.

116. There is nobody more beautiful in this world than a woman in love, so there is nobody more beautiful than you.

117. You are the perfect woman of my life; your beauty is not only outward, but it runs deep into your heart.

118. The beauty you possess is unmatched by shining stars.

119. Your elegance and class are more than I can bear, and I love you for it.

120. Magic is when our eyes meet and we feel the spark between our hearts. You are wonderful.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you want to propose to her

Proposing to the love of your life is one of the most important moments of your lives.

It’s something both her and you will remember for as long as you live. You want to do it right and you want to make it memorable.

Use these sweet words to make her love you even more and say YES:

121. The day we met was the day I found meaning and joy. I hope I am that for you. Will you marry me?

122. My life is wonderful because you are with me. You make me happy even if I feel sad and low. Your smile lightens up my life and all the darkness disappears. Your love has made me crazy. I will love you till the end of my days. And I want to be with you all my life. I love you.

123. With this ring, I give you my heart. I promise from this day forward, you will never walk alone; my heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.

124. I don’t know how to express my heart, but all I can say is I love you always and forever. Being with you makes me smile and happy and sharing life with you is my biggest dream; make it true with your love.

125. Look into my eyes and you will understand how much you mean to me; would you be mine forever?

126. Let all my happiness be yours, all your sadness be mine. Let the whole world be yours, only you be mine! I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.

127. You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand, and then never leave it. I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you. All I want is to be with you all my life.

128. They say: “I want to grow old with you.” I say: “I want to be with you beyond the boundaries of time.”

129. Don’t search for me anywhere because I am always in your heart. Put your hand on your heart and you will feel me. Please never leave me and never ever let me go, because I will never find a more beautiful place to live. Please be with me till the end of life. I love you. 

130. Ever since we met, I no longer feel an emptiness inside my heart. Stay with me and never let us part.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you want to wish her a good night

Here’s what you’re going to say to let her know she will be on your mind even if she’s not with you:

131. I know that it’s tough for you to fall asleep without me. Let it be the biggest nuisance in your life.

132. Good night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. I love you so much. I cannot wait to see you in the morning.

133. I wish you nothing but the sweetest dreams tonight, and don’t forget I’m always there in spirit. I love you and miss you.

134. The lights are off, time to sleep, goodnight to you, may you have the most wonderful dreams. Have a restful night.

135. I’ll miss our conversations until the morning. The night is empty without you. Sweet dreams.

136. It is so hard to be away from you. I miss you so much. I cannot wait to be home and see you again. Good night. Hugs and kisses.

137. Cherish all the beautiful moments today and think about them when you go to bed at night for a good night sleep. Good night!

138. My hectic day is over. I want you to know that I was thinking about you and now I will imagine you in my arms. Sweet dreams, I love you.

139. I had such a wonderful time with you tonight. You looked so beautiful, and I enjoyed our conversation over dinner. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.

140. The stars are bright, turn off the light, I wish you a sweet and sound good night.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend to turn her on

You have to get her engine running. Sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship, but in a way it’s essential. Where there is no sexual attraction, there is no love in the long run.

These are the things to say to a girl to make her want you:

141. Your ass looks just as amazing in those sweatpants as it does in your little black dress.

142. I’ll meet you in the bedroom after I fold the laundry.

143. You have no idea how crazy you make me.

144. Do you want a back massage, a foot massage, or both?

145. Put that book down right now or I’m going to have to take it from you.

146. Your mind is just as sexy as your tight little body.

147. Can you tell how much I want you?

148. I bought some handcuffs and a blindfold. Should I put them on you or me?

149. Go into the bathroom and take your panties off.

150. I tidied up the bedroom, but I don’t mind if you mess up the sheets with me.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you want to flirt with her 

Some think flirting is not easy… well, it is when you know just what to say!

Use these words to make her fall in love with you:

151. I want to hold you, touch you, and then kiss you just to check if you are actually made of sugar. Because you are so sweet!

152. You must be someone from the future. Because I see my future with you. I’m glad to meet you in the present because we’ll have a lot of time to know each other.

153. You stole my heart and I didn’t have a say in it. But you are stealing my sleep too! Now, it has started to bother me, really. Why steal sleep when we can have it together!

154. I thought my heart was made of stone. But I never knew your beauty could melt stone like wax. Please save my melting heart!

155. Your gorgeous eyes can penetrate a thousand guards at a single blink. And my heart was just a soft cardiac tissue. How could I possibly resist falling in love with you!

156. Heaven does not always mean a place to be in. Sometimes it’s a person to be with. For me, heaven is being with you all the time!

157. I don’t know what you think of me but I have all kinds of weird fantasies about you. Some of them include hugging and kissing, but some of them are even more romantic!

158. You stole my heart without my permission. I fell in love without your permission. Now I ask for your permission to marry you. Will you say yes?

159. I believe sometimes people come from God to bless the lives of those who live on this earth. But tell me, since when did God started sending supermodels?

160. I was wondering: if I want to book a seat in your heart, will I have to wait in the queue or will I get some extra privileges because we’re friends?


Cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her smile

Nothing is prettier than seeing the person you love smile. Make sure she feels special and there will always be a big smile on her face.

Try these:

161. When you touch me, I get butterflies.

162. You are my destiny. Making you my friend was not a choice, falling in love with you was not coincidence, but making you my wife was my greatest achievement. I adore every step I took to make you mine. I love you, my jewel.

163. You make my sadness disappear with that beautiful smile.

164. I do not think much, I do not think often, but when I am thinking, I am thinking of you.

165. I love how your hair feels when I run my fingers through it.

166. You are my happiness, my heart’s desire, my everlasting flame, the one that makes my heart beat fast. My love, my queen, I cannot think for a second without you in my mind. I cherish you, princess of beauty.

167. I want you to know I want to kiss every inch of you.

168. Love is a risk; either you sink in it or it sinks you. For me, I have deeply drowned in the love that I have for you. Thank you for giving me this unconditional love.

169. I want to make time stand still when I’m with you, but it always finds a way to fly past.

170. You are the one woman that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world!


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you miss her

Do you want her to know how much you miss her but you can’t find the words to describe how you’re feeling? Just keep on reading…

171. You are my drug and I am addicted to you.

172. I miss your scent. You always smell so good, and it makes me feel warm and comfortable.

173. Since you left, I have been really sick. I honestly just wish that someone was with me, and I wish that someone was you.

174. I’m not saying that I’m counting the minutes since you’ve been away, but there are 1,400 minutes in a day, and I think we just crossed the one million mark. At least, it feels that way.

175. I’m just sitting around thinking about you and how cute and nice and funny you are. How great is the feeling to be with you and how much I wish to be with you every moment.

176. Waking up without seeing you by my side makes my heart break, but then when I hear your voice, I feel better.

177. You are the sun in my morning. You are the wind in my skies. You are the waves in my oceans. You are the beat in my heart. I miss you.


178. Looking at your picture helps me feel better about you being away, but I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.

179. If ever a day goes by that I don’t say I love you or I miss you, always know that I do.

180. I guess what I miss most about you is your smile. I love the way it lights up the room and my heart.



Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you want to apologize

Arguments are a part of every relationship. What makes you special is the fact you want to make an effort to make things right.

If you’ve screwed things up, you want to find the words to make it up to her.

181. Darling, I am so sorry for my awful behavior! I’ll change for you, baby!

182. I wish I could take back what I did/said. How can I make it up to you?

183. I am so very sorry that I took you for granted. You are everything to me and more. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

184. An apology is the smallest thing I can do for you. Let me tell you that I have understood how silly I was. I love you more than anything. Please, forgive me!

185. I’m not perfect, but I try my best. Please accept my apology.

186. You may not forgive me for what I’ve done, but I just want you to know that I’m sorry and I want to make everything all right again.

187. I am sorry, the last thing that I want to do is drive you away. You are the one person I love.

188. An apology is nothing compared to what I’ve done, but still, I know that you have a forgiving and understanding heart and you won’t let resentment destroy our love.

189. I know that I ruined your trust in me. Please forgive me. I never wanted you to doubt me and my intentions.

190. You know that it is hard for me to admit my guilt and to apologize, but I was wrong and I am so sorry for the hurt and sadness that I have caused.


Cute things to say to your girlfriend when you want her to know she’s the only one

No relationship is perfect and everyone hits crisis where they start questioning whether they are loved and whether this relationship is right for them.

When you notice this happening, turn on your charm and tell her some of these things.

191. Your voice is my favourite sound, your name is my favourite word, your hug is my favourite site.

192.They don’t know I’ve waited all my life to meet a love like you.

193. With your love and care, I feel like I can conquer the whole wide world.

194. I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night.

195. Sorry, I got lost in your eyes. What were you saying?

196. You are the sunshine in my darkest days.

197. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you!

198. You are one of the sweetest and most adorable people I have ever met. Love you, my love.

199. You are not only my partner but also my best friend and guardian angel. I don’t know what I will ever do without you

200. The day I met you, I found my missing piece.


120 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  2. How are you today?
  3. Your smile is on my mind.
  4. I really enjoyed the time we spent together today.
  5. Being with you makes me incredibly happy.
  6. You make me feel like a million bucks.
  7. I have been so much happier since we started spending time together.
  8. Can I take you out on a date again soon?
  9. Thank you for being you.
  10. The sound of your laugh is music to my ears.
  11. I love the way you smile.
  12. I really like you.
  13. You are all I want to think about.
  14. Let’s plan a trip together.
  15. You are so beautiful.
  16. The way you make me feel is indescribable.
  17. You’re all I see.
  18. When I’m with you, it’s like I’m in a whole new world.
  19. Thank you for everything you’ve given me.
  20. What can I do for you?
  21. I dreamt of you last night.
  22. You are my first thought every morning.
  23. How did you sleep?
  24. You have changed my life immensely.
  25. I love you and I like you.
  26. I wish I had the words to tell you how I feel about you.
  27. Without you, my life is a lot less beautiful.
  28. I can’t wait to wake up next to you again.
  29. You are stunning.
  30. I love you more every single day.
  31. You are perfection.
  32. You are all I need.
  33. Our relationship is all of the good things in the world.
  34. I want to be with you.
  35. I love the way your nose crinkles when you smile.
  36. Thank you for teaching me what love is.
  37. Do you want to cuddle and watch a movie tonight?
  38. Can I make you dinner this weekend?
  39. You make me the happiest person in the world.
  40. You treat me so well.
  41. I want to treat you as well as you treat me.
  42. Thank you for being there for me.
  43. Thank you for taking care of me.
  44. I want to always take care of you.
  45. Do you need anything?
  46. Can I make you breakfast?
  47. I brought you coffee.
  48. Let’s go on an adventure.
  49. You are so sexy.
  50. I want to kiss you all night.
  51. I am always looking forward to our future.
  52. Thank you for the wonderful memories.
  53. I will never forget the first time I saw you.
  54. I fall in love with you more each day.
  55. You are such a good person.
  56. You always know just what I need.
  57. I am the luckiest person alive.
  58. A text from you makes my heart beat faster.
  59. You teach me what love is.
  60. You make me feel so safe.
  61. I want to always protect you.
  62. You always make me laugh.
  63. No matter what, I will always try to make you smile.
  64. Let’s stay in tonight.
  65. Let’s go out tonight.
  66. I want to hear your voice.
  67. I miss you.
  68. I cannot wait to grow old together.
  69. You get more beautiful every time I see you.
  70. Let’s call in sick today.
  71. The color of your eyes is my favorite color.
  72. You make me feel things I’ve never felt before.
  73. Our love is the best love of all.
  74. They should make a movie about our love story.
  75. I want to sit down and write you love poems all night.
  76. I can’t believe I get to be with you.
  77. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?
  78. You mean the world to me.
  79. I want to make you happy.
  80. You have made my life so worthwhile.
  81. You are my soulmate.
  82. I didn’t believe in soulmates until I met you.
  83. You get more and more beautiful every time I see you.
  84. You are the highlight of my day, every day.
  85. Your smile makes me melt.
  86. You define beauty.
  87. You are the most beautiful person I know.
  88. I love your soul.
  89. Your soul shines through every time you smile.
  90. You make everyone’s lives worth living.
  91. You make me want to be a better person.
  92. Thank you for loving me.
  93. Thank you for seeing me for who I am.
  94. I will always care what you think.
  95. I will never stop trying to impress you.
  96. When I count my blessings, you are at the top of my list.
  97. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.
  98. I love what we have.
  99. You make me dream so big.
  100. My life feels so full of hope since I met you.
  101. You are so adorable.
  102. I can’t believe I get to kiss you every night.
  103. I want to spend my life making you happy.
  104. You are my favorite person.
  105. I am absolutely inspired by you.
  106. My greatest pleasure in life is to love you.
  107. You are everything to me.
  108. When I see my future, you are always in it.
  109. Our love inspires hope in everyone around us.
  110. You are the only one for me.
  111. Nothing matters when we’re together.
  112. Thank you for being my lover and my friend.
  113. Everything feels light since I met you.
  114. You shine so brightly.
  115. I wasn’t corny until I found you.
  116. I want to bring you breakfast in bed every weekend.
  117. I finally understand what romantic music is talking about.
  118. You are my stars and my moon.
  119. I love you endlessly.
  120. I will always try to make you as happy as you make me.

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