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17 Qualities That Make You Unforgettable

There are some people who are unforgettable. They exude charisma and people want to be around them. They have this aura that attracts others to them like moths to a flame. What is it that gives them this intriguing energy? It’s all about how you make others feel in your presence.

If you want people to keep in mind in a positive way, keep this in mind: it all about how you treat your-self and behave around others, which is rather under your control.

1. Being a Natural Giver:

We are all one way or another to want something in return when we give. Nevertheless, the easiest thing you can do is learn to do things out of love, without expecting anything in return. In subsequent time when you do someone a favor, do it without wanting anything in return. Experience the joy of giving. When you receive something in return, it will feel great; if not, it will not be a big deal.

2. Laughing at Yourself:

Accept your imperfect side without fear. Be in love with it. Learn to laugh at your-self as you would do with your closed friend when they do something funny. And do not get upset over little things; laugh at them, instead

3. Never Trying to Impress Others:

When you often see yourself working hard to impress others, please work on your-self, and on your-self confidence. When you know your value, important and have high self-esteem, you will not feel the need to prove yourself to others.

4. Having Strong Boundaries

Try not to give up on who you are, on your principles, and on your passions, as long as this does not get in the way with respecting others. Be you.

5. Having Your Emotions Under Control:

If someone says or does something that get you upset, take a deep breath and draw out a pen and piece of paper, Write down whatever is going through your mind will help you drive away those negative emotions. Taking your time to chill off will help you process and work on your emotions without acting on them.

6. Try to be Genuinely Happy for Other People’s Success:

Do not try to compare yourself with others. You can be as successful as others; the key thing is that you go after your dreams as they do theirs. Learn to celebrate others people accomplishments. Even if it is not your own success, you have a reason to feel good for others. Do not feel intimidated by other people’s success; see it as an excuse to celebrate life instead. 

7. Being Passionate About Something:

You cannot force passion. So, try to find something to get involved with that you truly love doing. It can be writing, playing an instrument, your job, dancing, etc

Try to clarify and find out what your life purpose is and go after it. If you have not identified anything yet, try different various things; like traveling, and reading etc. You will ultimately find your life path, and you will fall in love with it.

8. Being Kind to Strangers:

Be kind and friendly to people. Call people by their name. when you do not know their name, please ask them. As much as you will love others to be nice to you, keep in mind that others need kindness too. Be the person who brightens others day

9. Being Self-Confident Staying Humble:

Keep in mind that your flaws do not make you unlikable. They make you genuine, nothing more gorgeous than that. Learn to cuddle your imperfect and vulnerable side, see the beauty in it. That is the first point of true self-confidence. Though, also remind your-self that others are as good-looking and unique as you are, no one is superior to anyone. This will help you stay humble.

10. Taking Care of Your Body:

Our body and mind is the most valuable assets. Keep in mind that consistently loving and taking care of your-self gives you the energy you need to be at your best each day. This means not only eating healthy foods, drinking water, and working out, which is essential, but also keeping your health in check and making it your number one great importance.

11. Being Open-Minded

When others feel they can open up to you and tell you something without fear of judgement or rejection, it allows others to feel safe around you. When you are unforgettable, you are someone that others can trust. When you are happy to listen to other without judging either way, others feel they can let their guard down and be themselves with you. In a world where we have to keep up facades, this can be incredibly refreshing. 

12- Looking For The Good in Others

When you like people and can find the good in others, it makes you unforgettable. In a world where we hold on to stereotypical ideas of others, it makes a big difference when someone welcomes you for who you are without pre considered ideas. Most people have goodness in them. Perhaps they haven’t had a chance to ever show this but if you nurture that and believe that others have something to teach you, you can make time for anyone.

13- Genuinely Listening To Others

Life is so busy that we often don’t have time for others. When you spend time with someone and actively listen to them and treat them as if they are the only person in the world, you create an unforgettable experience for that person. They will never forget how you made them feel.

14- Liking Yourself

Self-confidence is oh-so appealing. We love to be around someone who seems happy in their own skin. Have you ever met someone who just seemed happy with themselves? You want more of them – what is it about them that makes then like themselves and be so at ease with themselves. We all have hang-ups, even confident people do but they don’t allow their hangups to stop them from living life. Avoidance is the worst thing you can do – keep throwing yourself at the things that scare you.

15- Making Others Feel IMPORTANT/SPECIAL

The key to being unforgettable and oozing charisma is to naturally make others feel special around you. Unforgettable people don’t continually talk about themselves. They love hearing other people’s stories.

16- Not Taking Life Too Seriously

Being able to laugh at yourself and see the funny side of life makes a big impression on others. Being unforgettable means that you can have a laugh about life and all the challenges we have to go through. Being fun and playful creates a relaxed atmosphere. Learn to laugh at yourself. 


This is a biggie. Unforgettable people can tune in to others. They find it easy to read others and know when someone needs to talk or needs help in some way. Empathy means that you are tune with others and not completely self-absorbed. When you care about others (increasingly hard to find in this world) you create a dynamic that will leave others with a permanent impression. Being memorable isn’t difficult – when you genuinely care about others and are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, you rise above the masses and become unforgettable.

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