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15 ways to satisfy a woman in bed

While each woman will enjoy sex in a different way there are some things guaranteed to give the woman you’re in bed with a great sexual experience. Women generally fake orgasm and even they are hard to be satisfied on bed. And, most of the people would agree to this without giving it a second thought. For men, this may come as a shock but please don’t make it a matter of your ego. Instead, you should try and figure out some interesting and effective ways to give your woman an experience of a lifetime. For that, firstly you need to converse with your partner and know what she really likes. Being vocal about sexual desire helps to fulfill them.

The one question that every man asks is ‘how to satisfy a woman in bed every time?’ The question is tough but if you want to make her want you more then there are tricks to heighten her sexual pleasures. These will surely help every man to turn the heat on in the bed. Also, there are some positions which give her more pleasure, you should try them.

15 ways to satisfy a woman every time you have sex

Good sex is mostly teamwork. While men often overlook the importance of foreplay and hurry the act, it is very important from a woman’s perspective. Just because you are all up and charged does not mean that your woman is ready for the act too. A relaxed approach and a little consideration to what she wants does most of the trick. And do not try too hard on making her orgasm, three out of four women say the pleasure from sex makes orgasm less necessary in a study. There, one myth busted! Here are 15 ways that will actually satisfy your woman every time you have sex, making it pleasurable for both of you. We will tell you how to satisfy your lady in bed.

1. Kiss and ace it up

The best way to satisfy a woman in bed is to kiss her. Your woman loves to be kissed on the neck, lips, and boobs and just about anywhere. The more the merrier for her. A kiss is a powerful weapon. Use it with intensity and lots of passion to ignite her sensually. Each woman has a few special erogenous zones and kissing them will turn her on instantly. Nibble on her body and find out those spots, remembering them for the next time too.

2. Extended foreplay will do wonders

Women are blessed with wonderful bodies. There is so much to explore in them. Instead of keeping it short and quick, master the art of foreplay to arouse her. Take time before you penetrate her. This will work like magic when it comes to making love. 

3. Be a gentleman in bed

Understand the difference between aggression and abuse. Do not cross the line and hurt her sentiments. A rough love session should be wild and not turn violent. Treat your woman like a delicate flower that needs to be handled with care and love.

4. Dirty talks to spice up your sex life

Couple spicing it up with the dirty talk

If you want to satisfy a woman in bed then learn to talk dirty. Don’t go over the top talking dirty, instead talk to her about what you like about her, how you get turned on looking at her naked and so forth. You can even try dirty dancing and give your regular sex a whole new start! This lends a refreshing appeal to sex and it feels like new or the first time. The idea is to make her feel wanted and special. 

5. Whisper sweet nothings

To give pleasure to women in bed, the best trick is to keep whispering something nice and sweet in their ears. As you nibble on her ear, say something seductive. As you kiss her lips, surprise her with some sexy line. Talk about her sexual fantasies and turn her on. This arouses them and makes them happy as well as wanted.

6. Bring in the element of oral sex

Having spent good time on foreplay, try adding an oral sex element to surprise her, as this is far more enjoyable. There are many tips to orally stimulate a woman during sex and it is seen as the best way to satisfy a woman in bed. Lick her, bite her, play with her skin, grab her – so many things to do! 

7. Tease her, lick her and love her

Play with her body with your hands, going about touching her everywhere. Massage her breasts or stimulate her down there. Make use of your tongue to tease her and love her. A little bit of licking will do wonders and your woman will respond beautifully to these moves. Softly bite her folds of skin and watch her groan with pleasure. There are things you can do to separate great sex from an average one. 

8. Go for a quickie

It is not about going full throttle, as a man learns to have a quick session that will catch her unaware. She will feel good and flushed most of the time with such small surprises.

9. Dress well and smell good

Hygiene matters when setting the tone for good sex. Before heading to bed, take a shower and wear a soft perfume. Make sure the unwanted hair is all removed or trimmed. Pay attention to your undergarments. This will turn her on big time and she would get started right away.

10. Ask her what she likes

Instead of imposing on your moves, ask your woman how she would like to be loved. Place her needs and desires before yours. Give importance to what she prefers and how she prefers. This will help your woman shed her inhibitions on sex and also answer your basic question on how to fully satisfy a woman in bed.

11. Try making out at different places

Don’t restrict yourself to the bedroom; explore other locations in the house like the kitchen, study or even bathroom. You may even try public locations to experience that rush of adrenaline. It will add new memories and every time she works at these places it will make her smile. More importantly, your woman will long to relive those moments. 

12. Use sex toys to spice up things

You might have mastered the art of making love, but if you want to be the king in the game then we suggest using sex toys. Using a vibrator along with actual sex can turn your woman on big time. It will only heighten the pleasure for women in bed. Are sex toys good for a relationship, we think they are!

13. Try using sensual food

Keep a stock of chocolate sauce to turn on the heat. Instead of licking the sauce from a plate, try pouring it over her twins and slowly lick it. This is a master key that will ignite newfound passion in her.

14. Make love and not have sex

Remember this tip to satisfy women in bed – Woman love to be loved first before you undress her for a full-on lovemaking session. Romance with her, make her feel special before you start exploring her body. This will ensure that she is completely engrossed in bed with you. You will be able to greatly satisfy her in bed. Do you know her hottest erogenous zones?

15. Get a little naughtier

Ask her what her wildest fantasies are and try to fulfil them. If she wants to try out something new like a threesome, then give it a shot. This might make things sexier for the two of you as you relive those wild dreams in reality. Of course, you must try this only if you are completely comfortable with this. Remember at times jealousy can creep up and make things messier.

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